Freaking out just thinking about opening Adobe InDesign? I was, too. Listen to this...

The InDesign Field Guide by Paper + Oats
The InDesign Field Guide by Paper + Oats

In 2010, I accepted a job to design a full printed book, cover to cover, in Adobe InDesign. I took the job, but had one big problem. I had never opened InDesign in my life. As in, never clicked that little pink icon ever, EVER.

I spent hours upon hours upon hours designing this book, page by page, trying to learn InDesign as I went. I had no idea what styles or master pages were — the two most time-saving features of InDesign — and laid out every single page manually, one at a time.

I finally made it to the end of the book and felt super proud of myself for figuring it out.

Except I had one step left, and thanks to a rookie mistake, I royally screwed up the entire project.

I was prepping the file for print and accidentally turned ALL the text to outlines, saved my file, and closed it. And then I panicked. I realized my mistake right away, but there was no un-doing it. 

If you don’t realize my mistake, here it is: converting text to outlines makes the text uneditable. Since I had accidentally saved my file with the text outlined, I would never be able to go back and edit any text in the entire book. I had basically flushed all those hours of work right down the toilet.

Long story short, I never found a solution, and ended up hacking my way through 6 more editions of the book over the next few years. I re-typed entire pages by hand in order to change one small word. I felt so unprofessional every time I had to explain to a printer that no, I didn’t have the original, editable file. 

It was embarrassing to have made such a rookie mistake, and I vowed never to let InDesign get the best of me again.

Since that embarrassing mistake, I've been working with InDesign nearly every day on a wide variety of projects for tons of clients, big and small. I've quickly realized how many other creatives aren't comfortable using InDesign — for lots of reasons . . .

  • you feel like you're missing out on a big pocket of clients + projects because you don't know the program, and you're embarrassed that you haven't been able to figure it out yet

  • you're scared to open the software, thinking you'll make a costly mistake like I did

  • you're overwhelmed by the tools, buttons, icons, menus, and ALL THE THINGS you see when you open InDesign

  • you've messed around in InDesign for fun, but you're not confident enough to take on real projects that require it

Whatever the reason for keeping InDesign buried deep in your computer, I want to help you bring it back to the surface and see what an impact it can have in your business. I want you to avoid making costly and embarrassing mistakes like I did, so I'm opening my playbook and teaching you everything I know about the program.

I personally know the value of having a working knowledge of InDesign in my arsenal. It’s helped me land jobs, book clients, create my own passive income digital products, and design anything I need for my business — all with the confidence that I know what I'm doing.

I'd love to teach YOU how to use this powerful program with my easy-to-follow online course: 
The InDesign Field Guide.

The InDesign Field Guide – Learn Adobe InDesign with Paper + Oats
I went from not having worked in InDesign at all because I was overwhelmed by it, to feeling very confident that I can figure out and design anything I need to for my business.
— Jennifer Elwell, blogger + coach


InDesign is for way more than just PDFs and books.
You can use it to create almost anything for your business.


With InDesign in your back pocket, you can create...

Downloadable PDFs like lead magnets, opt-in incentives, content upgrades for your blog, free downloads, worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists, etc.

Digital products like e-books, guides, workbooks, printables, course content, planners, templates, etc.

Printed products like books, magazines, booklets, planners, lookbooks, stationery, etc.

Sales + promo materials like portfolios, catalogs, brochures, sales sheets, order forms, invoices, contracts, proposals, resumès, media kits, pricing guides, sales slides, questionnaires, etc.

On-screen graphics like social media profiles + covers, promo + announcement images, website graphics, email headers, blog post graphics, slideshow presentations, Facebook ads, etc.



"Oh, I use Photoshop or Canva for those things, so I'm good."

You sure about that? Watch this video to see who really comes out on top in a Photoshop vs. InDesign showdown where I design the same 2-page PDF in both programs.

Spoiler: there's gonna be some dead air to fill ...


*Yes, Photoshop is actually shown at a faster speed than InDesign – because that's how slow it really was. 😳


Even if you think you can get around InDesign fairly well, I promise you, this course is worth it. It completely revolutionized my workflow. I *thought* I had a pretty good handle on InDesign, but there’s a difference between surface level knowledge and mastery. There is SO much you can do with InDesign.
— Lauren Carns, brand designer


This is not your run-of-the-mill online course. 

I’ve designed INDFG with unique teaching methods to show you only the tools you’ll really use — and I'll teach you in a practical way so you'll actually retain what you learn.

InDesign is overwhelming on it’s own. I’m breaking it down into bite-size pieces delivered in a very specific order to help you learn the software faster and hands-on, so you walk away with a money-making skill you can start using right away. Here’s how:

  • 8+ hours of easy-to-follow video tours and tutorials

  • 50+ pages of complimentary PDF guides, cheat sheets, and checklists

  • a real-life project you'll practice on + complete by the end of the course, which you can start using in your business right away (keep scrolling to see exactly what it is and how it can help you)

  • 10 demonstration videos showing you exactly how I design page layouts from start to finish, and how I make design decisions on the fly

  • a private discussion forum to interact with fellow InDesign nerds, learn from each other, and get feedback from other students on your course project 

  • the exact workflow I use for nearly every project in InDesign to automate your process and reduce duplicate work (plus a project planner you can use over and over)

  • learn how InDesign integrates with Photoshop + Illustrator, and when you should be using each program (spoiler: you can use InDesign for WAY more than you think)

  • my personal InDesign tips + tricks to work smarter + faster

  • free access to my mini-class, How to Design The Perfect Ebook (a $59 value!)

  • loads of bonus materials including extra videos + guides, starter templates, pre-designed PDF templates, and access to a private Instagram account to keep up with your progress

  • quarterly live Q+A webinars with me to clear your hangups + continue brushing up on your skills

  • every piece of content housed in an easy-to-navigate members-only website that's available immediately and 24/7, so you can learn at your own pace (lifetime access!)

  • the best part – save thousands of dollars by learning the exact software you would normally hire a designer to use



Ready to take the leap with The InDesign Field Guide?

all 5 core lessons + actionable homework + loads of bonusES + 24/7 ACCESS FOR LIFE

For each new student who enrolls, $40 will be donated to the Preemptive Love Coalition, as they care for refugees in Syria + Iraq.

This exclusive 10% off VIP offer is only available until Friday, January 12 @ 10pm CST. The course will reopen to the public in the spring.


I absolutely loved the InDesign Field Guide, and I’m basically telling everyone about it who will listen. I was blown away by how thorough, thoughtful, and easy-to-follow it all was, and the bonuses on top of all that were such a fabulous surprise!
— Michelle Anthony, relationship coach


So what's this course project thingy?


When I started creating this course, I wanted to teach the tools and techniques of InDesign in a way that would be applicable and easy to understand. To do this, I decided to create a real-life document to practice on.

Every student is going to work on one single project throughout the entire course, and you’ll finish with a tangible, functioning product you can use in your business right away.

Every technique you learn in this course will be applied to this project. We’ll practice on it, try out tools on it, and polish it into InDesign perfection with every lesson you complete.

The course project is called Your Business Guidebook, and it will serve as the central hub for all your internal business documents.

Here's how it works:

  • You'll have access to my entire finished InDesign file right from the start, so you can see exactly what you'll be working on.

  • You'll create your own document in Lesson 1, and practice every tool we cover on your own file.

  • You'll perfect your InDesign file with each lesson to create your own guidebook, unique to your business.

  • You'll complete homework for each lesson on your own guidebook file, so you know exactly what things to complete before the next lesson.

  • At the end of the 5 lessons, you'll have practiced all your new InDesign skills on this file, so you’ll be able to turn around and work with real clients and get paid real money for it.

  • This gives you a tangible, finished, 20-page PDF to walk away with, plus see how the program’s tools apply in a real setting, not just on a blank screen.

I think this is a wonderful way to learn InDesign and finish with a product that I am certain I will continue to use. It’s also helping me figure out exactly how I want my brand to be portrayed, so this comes at a great time in my business.
— Amanda means, designer, teacher + blogger
The InDesign Field Guide by Paper + Oats


What EXACTLY is covered in this course?

So glad you asked! The course is self-paced — some students binge it in a week, others take it slow over a few weeks.




Get your first taste of InDesign by learning about workflow and some introductory settings.

  • Intro to InDesign — when to use each of the Adobe programs, plus basic terms + tools to be familiar with as you start using InDesign

  • Preparing Your Workflow — my personal systematic approach to working smarter in InDesign, especially for longer projects

  • File Setup — how to setup a new document, and a quick tour of the InDesign workspace and preferences




Learn all about working with pages and the famous master pages in InDesign.

  • Page Setup — how to set up margins, bleed, grids & guides, a tour of the pages and master pages pane, adjusting your page count, and organizing your content

  • Master Pages — what master pages are, how they can streamline your workflow, plus how to create and design on a master page, and how to apply it to the rest of your document

  • Page Numbering + Sections — how to setup automatic page numbering, adjusting the page order and sections of your document, and how it affects page numbering, and a quick way to navigate your document with bookmarks




Learn everything you need to know about typesetting in InDesign – the biggest lesson of the course!

  • Text + Typefaces — how to create and properly flow text boxes across multiple pages, how to add in breaks to start organizing your content, basic typography terms and how they apply to InDesign, and how to properly choose typefaces and fonts for any project you work on

  • Characters — a tour of the character and paragraph panes and how to access the tools from multiple places, plus custom typography features like OpenType, glyphs, and special characters

  • Paragraphs — the big world of paragraph settings, including some cool features you may not have known about, plus standard typesetting guidelines used by real publishers

  • Styles — what character + paragraph styles are and how they can help you streamline your design process (seriously, these are going to change your life!)
  • Footnotes + Endnotes — how to create, format, and edit footnotes with InDesign's automated tool, and how to manually set up endnotes
  • Demonstration Videos — learn how I make design decisions on the fly and create a page design from start to finish in my styling demonstration videos (click here for a quick preview!)




We’ll cover a variety of layout tools + techniques to refine your Business Guidebook design even more.

  • Working with Shapes + Color — how to add new elements to your layout like shapes, lines, and other objects; how to work with color and gradients and create your own swatches from them; how to apply special effects on your objects in a tasteful way; and how to work efficiently with unique transform tricks

  • Linking Outside Files — how InDesign integrates with Photoshop and Illustrator, what linked files are, and how you can add and edit them in your document

  • Other Layout Tools — some interactive tools InDesign has to offer and which ones are actually worth the work; plus some lesser-known tools to help you refine your design

  • Tables — how to use tables in your layout, and how to design them attractively for things like charts, worksheets, pricing guides, or catalogs




Finalize your workflow and prep your InDesign file for print and web.

  • Finishing Your Workflow — what final workflow steps you need to take to proof and refine your document; what the preflight tool is and how to use it most effectively

  • File Prep + Organization — how to organize your files and folders for an easy-to-navigate InDesign package that’s a breeze to edit later; standards for prepping your file for print and for web/on-screen use; and what other file types InDesign can create from your final document




But wait, there’s more! You know I couldn’t just stop there, so here are a few bonus items to help you perfect your InDesign magic even more:

  • Discussion Forum — chat with fellow students + get feedback from each other

  • Private Instagram Account — get access to the private, students-only Instagram account for course news, content updates + additions, mini Q+As, quick IND tips, student spotlights, accountability + more!

  • Bonus video + PDF guides — topics include creating editable forms, creating ebooks + published books, installing fonts with Adobe Typekit, using the advanced InDesign tool Liquid Layouts, plus an InDesign project planner with workflow checklist

  • Pack of 12 InDesign Starter Templates — pre-set margins + sizes for common projects like e-books, style guides, mood boards, social media profiles, and paragraph styles

  • Pack of 6 Pre-designed InDesign Templates — six fully-designed IND files for worksheets, checklists, trackers, guides, and planners, easily customizable to fit your own brand

  • Free access to my popular mini-class, How to Design the Perfect Ebook (a $59 value!)

  • Live Q+A webinars — quarterly scheduled group video chats to get all your straggling InDesign questions answered (plus binge watch past ones!)

  • Workshop Recordings — watch past workshops I've hosted with Jamie from Spruce Rd. teaching you how to design a lead magnet PDF from start to finish (including the mockup!) and our tips for designing for digital products


I am forever grateful for how much I’ve learned through your InDesign course! I’m incredibly proud of the products I’ve made and am so eager to share it with the world. This class transformed my company.
— Christina Conner, behavior analyst


Start learning InDesign today with The InDesign Field Guide.


For every new student who enrolls, $40 will be donated to the Preemptive Love Coalition, as they care for refugees in Syria + Iraq.

This exclusive 10% off VIP offer is only available until Friday, January 12 @ 10pm CST. The course will reopen to the public in the spring.


The InDesign Field Guide by Paper + Oats


For each new student, I'm donating $40 to Preemptive Love Coalition, as they care for refugees in Syria + Iraq.



The INDFG is the real deal. Clear instruction, essential checklists, and best of all, hands-on. You get to watch over Kelsey’s shoulders as she helps you design your project and you have a useful document in your hands by the end of the course. Kelsey is an awesome teacher. I knew nothing about InDesign before I started, but now I can tackle anything!
— Tim Matsuda, student


Who's teaching this course?

The InDesign Field Guide by Paper + Oats

Hey-o! I’m Kelsey, the owner + designer behind Paper + Oats, where I teach creatives how to organize, design, and market their digital products so they can share what they know, and look good doing it. Before taking P+O full time (and shortly after that big blunder you read about earlier), I worked for 5 years at a design agency where I was designing everything under the sun in InDesign – including laying out 20+ published book interiors, averaging 250 pages each... so that's like 5,000 pages, right?! Whoa, math. After the first few projects, I figured out my own workflow to make my InDesign projects go faster with less duplicate work and fewer errors for the publisher to catch. InDesign became second nature, and as I was taking P+O full-time, it helped me create countless graphics, land new clients, and design digital products that directly grew my business.

I’m also a single mom in Missouri with my stubborn 3-year-old, Poppy, and a thinks-he’s-smaller-than-he-is border collie named Cooper. When I’m not hanging out in InDesign, I’m probably remodeling my 85-year-old bungalow or catching up on Grey’s Anatomy (and I still miss George). 


ZOMGZ I love it so hard! I can actually open up InDesign now without feeling panic and dread...that has literally never happened to me before. It has been so crazy valuable for me, and totally worth the investment. I’ve re-watched some of the videos already, and it’s SO nice to know that I can always refer back to them.
— Erica Reitman, interior designer


You got Q's. I got A's.

How does an online course work?
An online course is a complete digital learning experience. Immediately after you purchase this course, you'll be sent an email with details on how to login to a members-only website where you'll be able to access every lesson. This course allows you to work through each lesson at your own pace. All lesson materials are delivered via video tutorials and PDF downloads, all of which is housed in that members-only website. Nothing physical will be shipped to you, and no in-person events will be included.

How long does it take?
You’ll have immediate access to every single lesson as soon as you purchase this course, so you can work through everything at your own pace. On average it takes students about 4-6 weeks to complete all the lessons, though some have been known to binge on all 5 lessons in just a few days.

What if I hate it?
Online courses can be an investment, I totally get it — though I'm pretty confident you won't hate it :) So let's make this easy on you. If you decide within 7 days of purchasing this course that you're not loving it and not finding it useful, shoot me an email and I'll refund every penny. I want The InDesign Field Guide to teach you a specific skill, not collect dust on your computer. I will, however, ask lots of questions about your request for a refund so I can make sure this course is the best it can be.

Do I have to have Adobe InDesign?
Obviously this course is all about InDesign, so it'll be most beneficial to have access to the program. You can now purchase a monthly subscription to the software via the Adobe Creative Cloud website for about $20/month. This is not included in the price of this course. There is also a free trial for new users right here.

What if I have an older version of InDesign?
No problem. Most of the tools you'll learn will still be accessible in previous versions of InDesign. How old is too old? If you have anything prior to CS4, I would highly recommend upgrading to a newer version to get the most out of this course.

Can I ask you something else?
Yes! Ask away — send an email to and I’ll respond as soon as I can.


The InDesign Field Guide by Paper + Oats
The InDesign Field Guide by Paper + Oats

Who is this course for?

Great question. Let's crush a myth, first:  Adobe InDesign is not just for designers.

Here's who's taken this course over the years (and loved it) ...

  • food bloggers
  • photographers
  • authors + writers
  • health / fitness bloggers
  • lifestyle / beauty bloggers
  • life + business coaches
  • interior designers
  • school teachers + professors
  • infopreneurs + strategists
  • fine artists
  • calligraphers
  • virtual assistants
  • productivity coaches
  • professional organizers
  • art directors
  • copywriters
  • travel bloggers
  • DIY / craft bloggers
  • planner companies
  • shop owners
  • home / garden bloggers
  • accountants
  • a behavioral analyst, for goodness sake!


Don't take it from me, here's what tons of students say...

The only course you’ll ever need to take if you want to use Adobe InDesign for your business! You covered everything I am going to need, and I’m glad you didn’t waste any time on features I probably won’t use.
— Jessica Alonso, virtual assistant
I just landed my first freelance client a couple days ago! This was ONLY made possible because of what I learned in Kelsey’s INDFG course because it’s the platform I’ll need to use for the project! The course is extremely comprehensive and thorough, and I know I’ll be referencing it a ton as I continue to learn. Worth every penny! I’m feeling so blessed and excited for the new opportunities ahead of me!
— Lindsay Ellis, blogger
Your InDesign course is amazing, I’m so glad that I took it! The Business Guidebook project is a huge value on its own. I’ve been referring to it over and over as I move forward in my business. And InDesign, where have you been all my life?! This is truly a game changer. Your course is so incredibly organized and easy to follow. I just cozied up with my tea, and designed right along with you each day. Now my head is swimming with hundreds of new ideas for my business. And, using InDesign is so FUN – who knew?
— Sarah Danner Dukic, blogger
This course was worth every penny for the insider tips + tricks (for beginners + veterans alike). The course is extremely organized and clear (including cheat sheets, homework checklists, and videos for visual learners). I have completed all of the lessons, but because I have open access, I have already been referring back to everything to solidify the information further! Thank you Kelsey for creating this course, it has definitely given me more confidence working in InDesign!
— Christine, student
This course is one of the best investments I could have ever made for my business. The material is so detailed, so comprehensive, and I love that it instantly gave me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge of the program by creating a business guidebook! I definitely know my way around InDesign now and can’t believe how many content design opportunities I have been missing by not having knowledge of this program.
— Jessica Alonso, virtual assistant
Being able to look over your shoulder to see how you designed pages was awesome. Also the checklists, guides, templates, and other PDFs accompanying the video lessons are super helpful. The bonus lesson for making forms in Adobe Acrobat was also super helpful.
— Tim Matsuda, student
The InDesign Field Guide is one of the most beneficial courses that I have ever purchased. Packed with incredibly useful and practical information, insider tips and tricks, and best practices for design, you get so much more out of the INDFG than just learning InDesign! I feel so much more prepared for the next stages of my business with all of this knowledge and teaching under my belt. I can’t wait to implement all that Kelsey taught me to take my business to the next level!
— Jennifer Elwell, coach + blogger
This is a great course. I feel so much more comfortable using this program now. Easy to follow instructions, and I can go back and review if I need to.
— Happy Notes, stationery shop
Your course has changed my life. You are an amazing teacher and that’s coming from a college educator. Your course made a very confusing program so easy. You are a master at making overwhelming situations the complete opposite. I love that you have homework checklists and course maps because it helps me keep track of everything and plan out how and when to finish each video. Kudos!
— Sheri Ordoña Montaña, student
This class made me feel like an InDesign master! My favorite part was the thoroughness of all the videos and the companion project — I was actually learning how to apply what I was hearing! I’ve used the program for years, but I still learned tons of new tools and tricks that will make every document I produce from now on easier, faster, and better.
— Tera Lynn Childs, author
InDesign was never a program I really used, but I needed to design my own range of products, so I had to finally learn how to use it in an organized and effective way. Now I use InDesign in SO many ways and can create products much faster. I learned a lot in this easy-to-follow course. It was totally worth every penny. If you’re overwhelmed by InDesign, you need to take this course!
— Sabrina Linke, student
I really got a lot out of the course. I’m creating so much in InDesign now, and the process is so much smoother. I used to hack together some Photoshop and Pages files before, which was a total headache. Thanks again for putting together such a great course!
— Noelia Sanchez, student
I absolutely loved the InDesign Field Guide! I’ve been taking advantage of the worksheet templates you included with the bonuses, and they’ve been total lifesavers. Your templates are the reason I’ve been able to crank out new work so quickly and feel so great about how it all looks. Thanks so much for such a valuable course!
— Michelle Anthony, relationship coach
This is by far the best online class I have ever purchased. Bar none. I can honestly say dollar for dollar your course has been the best value for money that I’ve bought. I truly believe that every creative entrepreneur who wants to create products for their business needs this class!
— Deb Thompson, photographer + food blogger
I am working through this course already and it has been so beneficial! I had some basic knowledge on InDesign from design school, but your course was the most thorough I’ve ever experienced! Thank you!
— Caitlyn Creative Works, designer
Ahhhmazing! This course allows you to understand InDesign in a way that allows for application right off the bat. Kelsey is thorough, she reiterates keyboard shortcuts, verbalizes exactly what she is doing and keeps her videos short enough to watch in one sitting, but still packed with content. If you’ve never used InDesign before in your life (I hadn’t), this course will allow you to understand the basics, and then some in a very well thought out way.
— Sheree Clark, life coach + blogger
Y’all, Kelsey is an InDesign wizard and in this course she shares all of her magical secrets. Invest in yourself and your business by taking the InDesign Field Guide and I promise you won’t regret it! I can’t wait to see where this priceless new knowledge takes me!
— Jessica Alonso, virtual assistant
Still loving the InDesign course, BTW. It made me confident enough to try out Photoshop + Illustrator too. Woohoo! I ditched Canva last month. Thank you so much!
— Sarah, mom + health blogger
This is the class you need to leverage your blogging game and start creating digital products as lead magnets and for sale. This course will give you the straight talk on the tools and techniques to create a variety of documents with InDesign.
— Deb Thompson, photographer + food blogger
I feel totally confident working in InDesign now, and I had never used it before. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started in InDesign as well as some advanced info that it would take you a long time before you mastered. Even if you know InDesign I would recommend purchasing this course just for the extra information about industry standards, design workflows, and bonuses!
— Jennifer Elwell, coach + blogger
I truly appreciate how thorough you are in the course. It has already changed my approach to creating documents, and I love how clean and organized my designs are now. This course has certainly made me more comfortable with the major programs for the Adobe suite, and for that I am very grateful. As a teacher, I commend you Kelsey on a job well done. This course is worth every penny!
— Amanda Means, designer, teacher, + blogger
What I loved about this course and what made me purchase was that Kelsey states plainly that not everything in InDesign will be covered. That made my day. I know how huge and powerful the Adobe programs are and I really wanted to steer clear of anything that was going to overwhelm me with TMI. I wanted to get the nitty gritty on how to make lots of stuff with InDesign, but I didn’t want to spend the next 6 years doing it! Ah-mazing course!
— Deb Thompson, photographer + food blogger
Kelsey’s InDesign course was Ah-mazing! She completely helped me get over all of my InDesign hang-ups. I’ve watched the whole thing multiple times now, and it’s such a fantastic resource that I’m so darn grateful to have.
— Erica Reitman, interior designer
It was so worth the time and notes to take your course!! I thought I knew InDesign but I learned SO much. Everyone reading this – sign up for this course. Kelsey hit it out of the park.
— Nora Conrad, productivity coach
Before taking your course, I was looking to hire someone to design my lead magnets and other digital content. I had a huge hangup about the magnitude of a program like InDesign. Now I have the skills necessary to execute my ideas, take my creative work to a new level, and put the thousands I would’ve paid a designer back into my business.
— Sarah Danner Dukic, blogger
I wanted to thank you for putting such a wonderful resource out into the world. The way in which you walk through the making of a document is really a great process for learning and seeing how the tools can be utilised in real world production. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and can see myself using it both in work and for pleasure.
— Fiona Smallwood, student
I had never used InDesign before this course, and felt super intimidated by it, but now, I have much more of an understanding of what my design team is saying. And I know that I’ll be able to whip together something by myself if I need to! This course helps me stay on my path towards continuous improvement, without pulling my hair out or going broke in the process.
— Krissy Rhee, student
I’m so glad I invested in this course. I just purchased and just started and must say it is head & shoulders above a lot of online courses I’ve taken... and I’ve taken A LOT!
— Pamela Cancel, student
The skills I have learned in this course are invaluable! I searched forever for a course that would teach me stuff I would actually use and need to know, and INDFG definitely filled that position. The Business Guidebook project also helped me to finally work on my branding, too!
— Elizabeth Warren, student
InDesign used to scare the bejeezers out of me... and now I’m using it all the time. I have you to thank for making me love InDesign! Just wanted to let you know you rock + thank you!
— Tania Ryan, student


Alright, ready to do this?
Let's learn Adobe InDesign once + for all.


The InDesign Field Guide online course by Paper + Oats

For every new student who enrolls this fall, $40 will be donated to the Preemptive Love Coalition, as they care for refugees in Syria + Iraq.

This exclusive 10% off VIP offer is only available until Friday, January 12 @ 10pm CST. The course will reopen to the public in the spring.