Kelsey is the owner and designer behind Paper + Oats, where she helps fellow creatives organize, design, and market their digital products, so they can share what they know, and look good doing it. 



Cami is a web designer on a mission to help "real deal" entrepreneurs like you swap out their outdated or barely-there websites for a digital presence that reaps dazzling rewards (and results).


10am Pacific

11am Mountain

12pm Central

1pm Eastern


What we'll be covering in this free workshop:

  • What even is a free opt-in and why should you care about it?

  • Watch Kelsey design a full resource guide from start to finish, so you can SEE exactly how she makes design decisions, not just HEAR about it (this is your permission to hover!)

  • Keep hovering, she’ll also design some coordinating promo images for you to share about your free opt-in with your audience (cause that’s just as important, right?!)

  • See the one powerful tool Kelsey uses that can help you design just about ANYTHING for your business (it’s not as scary as you think, promise!)

  • Swipe Kelsey’s design file that she’ll be using for the demo – yes, she’s just GIVING it to you!

  • Plenty of Q&A time for any hangups you have about designing PDFs, page layout, the tools Kelsey uses, or anything else you can dream up