The InDesign Field Guide

Does Adobe InDesign make you squirm a bit?
Does it make your palms sweaty?

Are you afraid to click that pink icon because of #allthemenus?
Button overwhelm is a thing, I get it. 😵


Well good news for you, I recently put together a brand new InDesign training for beginners — it's called the InDesign Cliff Notes.

In this easy-to-follow 1-week email series, you’ll get your feet wet with this mysterious program, learn what InDesign is used for, how it works, and how YOU can learn it fast. (As in, I'm passing you my cliff notes for free here, don't tell the teacher!)

Here’s what I’ll be covering in the series...

  • what types of projects InDesign is best used for (what it’s NOT used for)
  • we’ll crack the code on some common InDesign lingo to help you get the lay of the land
  • a video tour showing you the 4 most important elements of using InDesign (errrr…. it’s 25 minutes 😬)
  • my secret sauce to working smarter + faster in InDesign

Did I mention these cliff notes are F-R-E-E? Yep. I created the InDesign Cliff Notes training with YOU in mind, and I think you'll quickly see how not-scary InDesign really is. 😉


Drop your email in below to start the free InDesign training today!

The InDesign Field Guide complete online course will reopen for enrollment in the spring of 2018.
It has taught over 400 students to finally stop avoiding InDesign, learn how to use it for their business like a pro — without all the overwhelm — and dare I say, enjoy it?!