The InDesign Field Guide

A one-of-a-kind e-course that teaches you how to use Adobe InDesign like a pro.

The InDesign Field Guide has taught nearly 300 students to finally stop avoiding InDesign, and learn how to use it for their business like a pro — without all the overwhelm — and dare I say, enjoy it?!

The course is currently closed, but will reopen in FALL 2017.

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InDesign is obviously overwhelming on it's own, so I've broken down exactly what you need to know (and not a bunch of useless tools you'll never use), and organized it into 5 simple chunks:

intro to InDesign, preparing your workflow, and setting up your document

organizing your pages, using master pages, and setting up page numbering

best practices for characters + paragraph settings, using styles to work faster, adding footnotes + endnotes, and using OpenType (everyone's fave lesson!)

working with shapes + colors, linking outside files, using layout tools + tables

finishing up your workflow + prepping your file for print or digital-use

Plus the course includes lots of other bonuses to help you get to know your new BFF, InDesign.

I'm talkin' cheatsheets, workshops, live Q+A webinars, a private Instagram account for students only, extra tutorials, project planners, and more.